It’s my greatest delight to support humans to unravel the Goddess Energy in them through which they develop a Compassionate heart towards God’s Creation. This transformation helps Humanity to align with the remaining creation of the Universe.

In this lifetime, I am on a mission to get Gaia integrated as a member into Galactic Confederation.

Reviving Goddess Mysteries

Message of the week


This activation comes at the moment of the completion of a very powerful cycle. This moment demarcates the point when the energy from the Galactic center will begin to flow towards the surface of this planet with full force, as the time is running out. If we manage to gather 144,000 volunteers doing this activation, the energy from the Galactic center will be anchored on the surface of the planet in a balanced way. This will ensure the fastest and most harmonious transition for this planet and will actually create an energetic upgrade for the whole planet. If the critical mass is not reached, the ultra powerful energies from the Galactic center will reach the surface of the planet anyway, but this will then manifest in a much more chaotic and disharmonious way.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

Courses Offered


I am a great facilitator for students and parents. I taught students from diverse cultures and very strong in human relations skills.


Spirituality gives Completeness to Life. It removes the Veils of Illusion and helps you to see what exactly is happening in and around you.


Counseling helps you to overcome the difficulties. It leads to the development of courage, self-respect and finally You will know who you are.

Island of light

Island of Light are advanced civilized places on Earth where Soul families live in harmony, peace and unconditional love with each other.

My work Experience

Biology teacher:

Timpany School from 2007 to 2018 for Std 6 to 12 [ICSE &ISC].

Botany Senior Lecture
Part-time Botany Lecturer

AMAL College from 1998 to 2002

Botany and Horticulture Lecturer

KAS Degree College from 1996 to 1998



LightSaver Technologies, Inc. President

Srilaxmi is one of the most powerful spiritual teachers I have ever met. Her knowledge of the Goddess Mysteries include first hand experiences as well as an ability to “be one” with the energy of the Goddess. She is a wise, loving and powerful teacher who understands the connections between heaven and earth. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in search of the truth about the Goddess Mysteries or looking for assistance on their spiritual path.


Ambassador of the Goddess

I have found Srilaxmi Duggirala’s work inspiring and in Divine alignment with the Ascension process that Mother Gaia and humanity are passing through. Her work in planting the seeds to regain our sovereignty and remembering that we always have Divine Free Will and our essence is Pure Unconditional Love inspired me the most. Her focus is to revive the Goddess Mysteries and the wisdom behind her every word is pure connection with the Divine.

Thank you, dear Srilaxmi Duggirala for guiding me to be on my path and listen to my inner guidance.
Infinite blessings!

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