Goddess vortex meditation #snippet

Why is it so powerful meditation?

Rob – Very good. Why do we pronounce eeee and eeeeahhhh? How did you get the information?

COBRA – It is actually pronounce eeeeh aaaah. (eeeh aaah, Why do we do that?) It is actually creating an energy vortex which dissolves the very structure of duality and dissolves the structure of quantum anomaly on the planet.

Importance of Goddess Vortex Meditation: https://youtube.com/shorts/mJpcpr9Mimk?si=Y1CZvCga6H9WxytY

Abundance snippet

Let’s try to learn about Abundance and it’s manifestation

Cobra’s quote regarding abundance and poverty:
“Many Ligthworkers have a belief system that spirituality means living in poverty. This belief system is mind programming from the Cabal. In truth, physical abundance is a natural expression of the beauty of the incarnated Soul and every Lightworker deserves it. The Cabal wants to keep Lightworkers away from money to hinder the progress of the Light forces.”
Read full article: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2012/08/operationdreamland-operationdreamland.html

Older snippets are available here: http://regret2revamp.com/2024/06/03/dna-snippet/

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