Srilaxmi Duggirala

Reviving Goddess Mysteries

It’s my greatest delight to support humans to unravel the Goddess Energy in them through which they develop a Compassionate heart towards God’s Creation. This transformation helps Humanity to align with the remaining creation of the Universe.

In this lifetime, I am on a mission to get Gaia integrated as a member into Galactic Confederation. As humans align themselves with the remaining creation of the universe, they become a part of Galactic Members. Gaia becomes a member of the Galactic Confederation.

I am a long term teacher of Spirituality, Goddess Energy, Reorganising Soul Families, Reunion with Soulmates, Soul Evolution, Ascension, an author of Cosmic Rays. I am a lineage of Isis to reveal those mysteries thereby helping humans to identify their Sacred Sexuality. Ascension of Human beings and Gaia is possible with the usage of Sacred Sexuality. I have found after years of working with humans, to ascend they need to enhance the Goddess Energies and bring back the inner balance between femininity and masculinity. I dedicate myself to help humans to bring back this inner sacred balance. Join me to Learn and Evolve.

My work Experience

Biology teacher:

Timpany School from 2007 to 2018 for Std 6 to 12 [ICSE &ISC].

Botany Senior Lecture
Part-time Botany Lecturer

AMAL College from 1998 to 2002

Botany and Horticulture Lecturer

KAS Degree College from 1996 to 1998

Biology Teacher

Two decades of experience in the field of education enriched my understanding of our education system. I am a great facilitator for students and parents. I taught students from diverse cultures and very strong in human relations skills. I'm glad to offer professional support in the following aspects. 1. Student Counselling: Course or Program selection, study habits and career planning. 2. Behaviour counselling: Understand and overcome the patterns that impact the behaviour thereby affecting educational or professional settings. 3. Crisis intervention: Support students to resolve any difficult situations and equip them with life skills

Spiritual Teacher

I counsel all categories of people irrespective of their religion regarding their spiritual growth ranging from various age groups. I offer my help in their Spiritual Journey to identify their life purpose and restore to their wholeness. Spirituality is something above religion. I guide people to work in a coordinated way with body, mind, and spirit. I teach various techniques to release blocks or beliefs and help people to come out of various external and internal patterns.

General Counsellor

I provide support to client’s experiencing emotional difficulties by helping them to identify and work through their shadow issues. To achieve it, I use various techniques such as talking therapy to assist them, so that they identify their own resolutions or develop strategies to address their own concerns. Provide relevant information or resources specific to the client’s needs.