Counselling regarding Various Aspects:

I have an experience of two decades in this field. I Counsel Students’ regarding educational issues such as a course or program selection, study habits, and career plan. I also help individuals to understand and overcome personal, social, or behavioural problems affecting their educational or vocational situations. Confer with parents or guardians to resolve students’ behavioural, academic, and other problems. Provide crisis intervention to students when difficult situations occur at schools. Identify cases involving domestic abuse or other family problems affecting students’ development.

I counsel all categories of people irrespective of their religion regarding their spiritual growth ranging from various age groups. I offer my help in their Spiritual Journey to identify their life purpose and restore to their wholeness. Spirituality is something above religion. I guide people to work in a coordinated way with body, mind, and spirit. I teach various techniques to release blocks or beliefs and help people to come out of various external and internal patterns.

I provide support to client’s experiencing emotional difficulties by helping them to identify and work through their shadow issues. To achieve it, I use various techniques such as talking therapy to assist them, so that they identify their own resolutions or develop strategies to address their own concerns. Provide relevant information or resources specific to the client’s needs.