COBRA Interview Tachyon chamber

Rhona: Wonderful. Thank you for accepting to do this interview about Tachyon Chambers, which has several objectives. One to help understand our history and relation to tachyon energy and Tachyon chambers, and to expand our understanding of the energy healing with the Tachyon chamber, for all the guardians and the people who come to do sessions. There are two parts, history and background and how it works in healing sessions. Is that okay?

Cobra: Yeah. That’s okay.

Rhona: Wonderful. So, first of all, in order to set the scene, can you explain what Tachyonic energy is? Where does it come from? And what’s its role?

Cobra: Okay. Tachyon energy is coming directly from the Source. Tachyons were the first particles that were created when this universe came into creation. So this is exactly the reason why they are our direct connection to the Source. Tachyons are particles that travel faster than light and are thus connecting us with higher dimensions.

Rhona: Okay. So we think that Tachyon chambers can be found in different Galactic civilizations in the universe. What’s the purpose of these Tachyon chambers?

Cobra: You mean the Galactic Tachyon chambers?

Rhona: Yes, yes, yes.

Cobra: Okay. The chambers that they have some very advanced races have chambers that are much more advanced than what we have here on this planet. And those chambers are able to do almost miraculous healings. They’re able to shift matter. They’re able to align matter to the perfect archetypes. So there are very advanced technologies which will be introduced to this planet at some point after the Event.

Rhona: Okay. Did Tachyon chambers exist on Earth before the quarantine was enforced 26,000 years ago?

Cobra: Yes, of course. In Atlantis, Tachyon chambers did exist on planet Earth.

Rhona: Okay. Okay. Pyramids have been discovered all over the world, not just in Egypt. Is there a link between pyramids and the Tachyon chambers?

Cobra: There is a certain link of course, because pyramid structure is a sacred geometry structure, which has a very interesting capabilities. And this is one aspect of technology that can assist in harnessing tachyon energy.

Rhona: Okay. Still on the subject of pyramids, what’s the difference between an initiation chamber and a Tachyon chamber

Cobra: Initiation chamber – The purpose of initiation chamber is to generate a quantum leap in consciousness. And this is what some advanced Tachyon chambers can do. But those chambers are not available on planet Earth. Also for safety purposes because human beings are not able to… are not ready to operate such advanced technology at this point. They are not spiritually pure enough for something like this.

Rhona: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. The veil of the matrix absorbs a lot of the Tachyon energy. Without this veil, we’d all be bathed in tachyons. What changes will there be for us all when the veil has dropped?

Cobra: Okay. When the veil drops Tachyon energy will begin to infuse human bodies and will begin to restore health, and also emotional and mental harmony in the surface population. So this is what we can expect after the Event.

Rhona: Okay. And at the exact moment of the Event, what will the Tachyon chambers’ role be?

Cobra: Okay. the tachyon chambers that we have installed on the surface of the planet will conduct very strong energies and will actually ground a lot of tachyon energy for the whole planet. And this will help stabilizing the Grid. So there will be no massive earthquakes or drastic cataclysms at the moment of the Event.

Rhona: Good, good. As we are still in the same quarantine situation now, the Tachyon chambers are still not operating at their highest potential. Can you tell us more about the update or changes to the Tachyon chambers after the Event? They’ll work at their full potential?

Cobra: They will be upgraded first energetically and after some point the Pleiadian teams will give instructions to the owners of the Tachyon chambers, how to upgrade the chambers, and they will also receive technological upgrades at a certain point after the Event.

Rhona: Okay. Thank you. Thank you for that first part. So let’s move on to the next part, which is a little bit longer – How Sessions Work. Each Tachyon chamber that’s activated by you is quantumly linked to a wormhole, that’s created with a Tachyonized crystal orbiting in a research satellite of Genesis II at the level of the veil in order to create a passage for Tachyon energy, a wormhole is characterized by two extremities. One of which is the Tachyon chamber. And we all wonder where the other extremity is please.

Cobra: Okay. One point is on the Tachyon chamber. And the second point is the Genesis II space station, which is beyond the veil. So this wormhole connects the source of Tachyons at Genesis II crystal and the Tachyon chamber.

Rhona: Okay. Can you tell us a little bit more about how this works? The connection.

Cobra: It works through quantum entanglement. So tachyons, which are on Genesis II Satellite are quantumly entangled with Tachyons, which are in the Tachyon chamber. And this creates a certain link to which Tachyons can flow freely regardless of the veil.

Rhona: Okay. We’d like to know a little more too, about the Galactic teams that manage the Tachyon chambers. What’s the function of the Pleiadians during the Tachyon chamber sessions?

Cobra: Okay. Each Tachyon chamber has a Pleiadian team dedicated to that chamber and while there is a healing session taking place in the chamber, those Pleiadians assist with healing energies and balancing energies through their own quantum technologies. They project certain energies through the wormhole into the Tachyon chamber and assist in the healing process taking place in the chamber.

Rhona: Okay. Can there be other beings who accompany a Tachyon chamber session?

Cobra: Yes. There are sometimes other races such as Sirians or positive Andromedans participating. And there are many times also Angelic beings who assist in the healing process.

Rhona: Okay. Are there beings who participate in the care of Tachyon chamber outside the matrix?

Cobra: They are outside the matrix and they project energies into the matrix.

Rhona: Okay. Some people see and feel beings working on them during the sessions and can have painful, quite a painful sensory experience like your body being moved physically. Can you explain how they do this?

Cobra: Okay. The healing teams send strong energies through the body and through the energy field. And sometimes this creates a detoxification process, which can be slightly painful because toxins are leaving the body. And after that a strong healing can occur. So you can have a quite intense experience sometimes while you are laying in the chamber. Not always, but sometimes that can be quite intense.

Rhona: Yeah. Yeah. When a Tachyon chamber is activated, a vortex is created. And an Angelic being anchors itself to the location of the Tachyon chamber. What’s the role of this Angelic being?

Cobra: That angelic being is the actual guardian and caretaker of the energies of the chamber vortex. And it manages the energies flowing through the Tachyon chamber and takes care that everything is happening as harmoniously and as positively as possible.

Rhona: Okay. We can say Tachyon chambers have two main functions. In fact, the energy channel that’s created never stops. So we have the energetic treatment for the person and the action that it has on the planet too. Can you tell us more about the action on the planet, the Light Grid?

Cobra: Okay. Whenever there is an active healing session, the energies are flowing primarily for the person being healed, and whenever there are no healing sessions, the chamber is working as an energy conduit for the energies that go directly into the planetary energy grid and help stabilizing and harmonizing the energy grid, whatever is needed at that particular moment.

Rhona: Okay. Thank you. And in addition to that, the chamber has an energy radius of about 30 to 40 kilometers around it. What happens within this field to the neighbors?

Cobra: That is the size of the energy vortex around the chamber. And Inside of that energy vortex, there is a strong energy, which harmonizes and purifies everything.

Rhona: Okay, good for the neighbors. Let’s get to the energy treatment for people. The treatment starts once the person lies down under the pyramid, and there are many factors that come into play during a session in the Tachyon chamber, like our emotional state at the time or free will or consciousness, if you can let go and also astral, conjunctions, etc., generally speaking, Tachyon do not heal. Their target is to provide the energy necessary for the body to heal itself. Tachyon energy is simply the natural catalyst for this self-healing process. Or one could say that it’s not the Tachyon energy that comes to work on us, but it’s our own body’s energy that will synergize with the information of our original essence, which is found in Tachyon energy. Our energetic bodies are dynamized by this tachyonic energy and our vibratory rate increases significantly in order to allow the transmutation of low frequencies with the information of our frequency of origin, the work continues in the three or four days following a session where our vibratory rate goes down in this period, little by little. What do you think of this simplified description?

Cobra: You need to use your own guidance whether this is true or not. You need to go inside and feel your connection with the Source and see if this is true.

Rhona: Okay. Can you explain what the origin essence is?

Cobra: I cannot explain because this is the term I don’t use, so I don’t know what the author meants with that.

Rhona: Ah so what term do you use?

Cobra: For what?

Rhona: For getting back to your origins, who you are?

Cobra: Your higher self, your soul, I mean…

Rhona: Your higher self. Okay.

Cobra: This has been explained so many times. I don’t think it’s necessary to answer this question.

Rhona: Okay. Some people feel that the work starts three or four days before the session, even three or… I’ve even had people say longer than that. Can you explain why they have the feeling that the work starts before the session?

Cobra: Okay. As soon as the person makes an intention to go to the chamber for a healing session, the Light teams already start the work to prepare the person for the healing session and the chamber to get the right combination of energies for the healing session.

Rhona: Okay. Okay. So talking about different energetic bodies according to your diagram, with the seven planes of creation, each divided into seven sub planes, that’s 49 sub planes from the densest Physical plane to the highest Divine plane. To divide this into two parts, there’s a first lower part from the densest Physical plane to the lower Mental plane where negativity can attach itself like planes under the influence and regulation of the matrix controllers and a second higher part from the higher Mental plane to the Divine plane, where we’re on the brightest planes, where no negativity can attach itself. Do you agree with this distinction between lower planes that can be manipulated by dark forces and higher planes that cannot?

Cobra: Yes. I agree.

Rhona: Wonderful. Can you explain the energy work of the Tachyon chamber for the lower planes?

Cobra: Okay. What Tachyons do – they flow through the lower planes through the physical body, through the etheric body, through the astral body, through the mental body, and they harmonize and align everything. They decrease the amount of primary anomaly, and they increase the amount of Light in those in those bodies.

Rhona: And for the superior planes?

Cobra: They actually also flow through those higher bodies, through the soul body and through higher bodies and through higher dimensions of the soul essence. And they increase the Light there also, and actually make the connection between the soul and the personality stronger.

Rhona: Okay. Can you explain how Tachyon energy works with the Ego triangle, Atma, Buddhi, Manas?

Cobra: Okay. Actually what Tachyons do – they activate permanent atoms on those higher planes and through activating permanent atoms, they increase something that I would describe as an Ascension rate. They manifest more of the energy of the Divine will for Ascension. So they actually accelerate the Ascension process.

Rhona: Okay. So between our past lives, and now as we live in the matrix, how do negative memories impact our energetic bodies?

Cobra: Okay. Each memory, each event that has not been cleared completely creates a signature imprint into the energy bodies. And some of those imprints are not cleared between the incarnations and they get passed into the next incarnation. So while we live here in this incarnation, now some of those imprints are still here. And one part of the healing process in the chamber is to clear those imprints.

Rhona: Okay. Yeah. That’s… so, and in a collective way, all the people who do Tachyon chamber sessions emanate an energy into their surroundings, the tachyon energy, and into collective consciousness, can you explain this process to us?

Cobra: It is very simple. People who have been in the chamber have received a certain amount of tachyon energy and they begin to radiate a certain amount of that tachyon energy to their surroundings.

Rhona: Okay. Yes. What energy work happens between two people who do a session together? For example, a parent and a child, or a couple or friends.

Cobra: Okay. Their energy field gets harmonized, and we can expect their relationship to become more harmonized as well.

Rhona: Okay. So it’s positive.

Cobra: Yes.

Rhona: For a person who’s just died, how can Tachyon chambers help their soul get to other planes? We only put photographs of people in and unfortunately, as long as there’s still quarantine putting the picture of the deceased in the chamber doesn’t bring them out of the matrix. Do you agree with this?

Cobra: Okay, actually [it] can help this transition of the deceased person into the Light. The person will not manage to completely escape the matrix, but it can escape from being captured by the dark forces on the etheric plane and the lower astral plane. And this can help the person getting into the area where it’s relatively calm and peaceful surroundings on the astral plane.

Rhona: OK. And can you tell us about the benefits of this for sessions for a pregnant woman and the baby?

Cobra: Yes. Actually this can help the mother to ease the process of pregnancy and it can also help the child in anchoring more harmoniously into the physical body.

Rhona: Okay. So it can help with labor

Cobra: Yes. With the whole process.

Rhona: Wonderful. Why is it useful to do sessions in the Tachyon chamber at an infant stage up until the age of 12?

Cobra: Okay. It can for each age there are certain challenges and certain development challenges happening and the Tachyon chamber helps reducing those challenges and harmonizing the process.

Rhona: OK. You recommend between three to six sessions. How does the work evolve during the course of the sessions?

Cobra: Okay. This is just a general estimate because it is not practical for people to expect to have more and more, more sessions, except in certain cases. But I would say if you do this regularly, you can have more lasting longer effects in the Tachyon chamber.

Rhona: And in the months that follow?

Cobra: The same.

Rhona: The same, okay. Tachyon chamber is not a magic wand or a roller coaster. Can you comment on the fact that working mindfully on a daily basis is important?

Cobra: Okay. Tachyon chamber is just a tool that can help you in your own process, but your own decision is still the key. So if you do not assist actively in the healing process, whatever the chamber will help you heal, you can disturb again with your actions and your decisions. So if you work together with the chamber, it can have quite drastic, quite magical results. If you work against the healing energy of the chamber, you will ruin those results.

Rhona: Okay. Some people don’t feel anything during the session. How can you reassure them the work is still being done?

Cobra: Okay. There is no condition that you need to feel anything for the work being done. Sometimes the work is done on a subconscious level. Sometimes the work is being done at cellular level. It does not always produce visible effects, but if you are using the chamber long enough, you will definitely notice a difference, notice a change.

Rhona: And what advice can you give to make the most of a session?

Cobra: First, do not have any expectations or preconceived ideas how the session should look like, just be open minded and relaxed as possible, and just surrender to the process.

Rhona: Yeah. And in the context of the quarantine that we are still experiencing, is it possible for our subtle bodies to cross the veil during a Tachyon chamber session?

Cobra: Actually, this is possible. You can have an out body projection into the motherships. Some people have experienced this because we create a certain, I would say quantum transmission between the chamber and the motherships, which are above and certain things can happen.

Rhona: Okay. We we’ve seen an explosion in the number of Tachyon chambers in France recently. Is there a link with France’s key role in the global liberation?

Cobra: Yes, of course. A lot of work is being done energetically with France and especially with Paris Goddess Vortex. And this of course has assisted in creating this very strong interest for Tachyon chambers in France, because France is one of a few key countries for the Planetary Liberation process.

Rhona: Okay, great. Can we have a look at the current situation with the COVID virus. Can Tachyon chamber treatments transmute the messenger RNA (mRNA) information of vaccines and eliminate the toxicity of the vaccine compounds?

Cobra: I would say the Tachyon chambers decrease the harmful side effects of anything that happens to the human body. It does not change the chemical composition of the body, but the Tachyon energy does harmonize the energy flow through the body. It harmonizes the chakra system. It harmonizes the immune system, which then deals with the whole situation the most effectively possible.

Rhona: Okay. So the vaccine blocks the person energetically. The vaccines influence the connections between a higher self and a human personality. How can a Tachyon chamber help this problem?

Cobra: Okay. there is nothing that can really cut your connection with your higher self, without connection with your higher self, you would die. So there is always a certain amount of connection and a Tachyon chamber simply expands that connection, harmonizes yourself with that connection.

Rhona: Okay. do you have time for a couple more questions?

Cobra: Okay.

Rhona: There’s a lot of information and believe me, I’m asked all the time about med beds and some people say that they still exist and they’re used by the positive military. Is this possible before the Event?

Cobra: Again, I will say med beds will not be available to the surface population before the Event.
Rhona: Yeah. Like before. Yeah. So what’s the difference between a med bed and a Tachyon chamber?

Rhona: Yeah. Like before. Yeah. So what’s the difference between a med bed and a Tachyon chamber?

Cobra: They are of course two different technologies. Med beds are actually devices, which rearrange the atomic structure of the physical body. And they can with this heal organs, they can rearrange organs. They can grow missing limbs where Tachyon chambers are more multidimensional. They work on all levels of creations at once.

Rhona: Different planes. Yeah. So we’re coming to the end of our interview. Do you have any specific message for the surface population of the planet at this difficult time?

Cobra: Yes, definitely. It is very important at this point to hold the Light, to anchor the Light, in your own Light, in your own body, in your own energy field and around you. And also to use common sense, we are in the period of end time madness, do not focus too much on it. Use common sense.

Rhona: Yes.

Cobra: Common sense is very important.

Rhona: Yeah. Well, thank you very much Cobra for taking the time to answer all these questions because this information really is a big help. I would like to thank Gwen from the Pleiadian garden in Brittany, and for Eric, who’s helped recorded it all. And who knows, maybe I’ll see you at some point soon. I’m gonna stop recording now.

Cobra: Okay.

Tachyon Energy pours onto the Earth

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