Wake up India / Wake up Humanity / Great Awakening leads to Humanity’s Ascension

Living Inside Out Channel conducted an interview with Sree Laxmi Duggirala [SD] regarding Why India needs to Wake up at least now and many cosmic phenomenon.

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Here is the transcript. Bear with this transcript as this isn’t a perfect transcript. And special thanks to Sahithi who contributed 90% in making this transcript.

Daksha: Hello friends this is daksha so here today with me we have sri laxmiji from south india and we’ll be having a discussion on great awakening which is leading to humanity’s ascension.

SD: I’m Sree Laxmi Duggirala I am from Andhra Pradesh. I started my spiritual journey from 2008 onward and I worked as a Biology teacher up to 2018 and after that I started my spiritual journey on a full-fledged scales. In my childhood I used to have so many doubts like why all the sufferings and how all the sufferings will end and as human being what can I do to help mother Gaia. All my doubts were answered after entering into spiritual journey by understanding what is going on and why the world is so crazy. I have my own website regret2revamp.com and my YouTube channel Crack the Belief. All those videos will be in Telugu and some are in English and some are in Hindi guided meditations. all my speeches were in Telugu only my YouTube channel crack the belief and here I’m.

Daksha: so i would like to ask you that what is happening at present like why does India need to wake up now?

SD: My perspective here is when I started understanding the matrix system if we all know that the Earth is surrounded by matrix system under the control of the Matrix and there’s a particular Matrix control for each country and every country, basing on the behavior of the particular country’s people , the nation’s people, there will be certain rules and regulations by the Matrix system. so this matter system for India especially works on free principles like the Indians only focus on Living, they cannot divert their mind-set around the world. They’re forced to focus only on their livelihood, most of them 99% of the Indians. Very few people have the Zeal of trying to identify what is going on here, we actually at this time I can say we are at the 11th hr..we are crossing that 11th hour also.Indians need to wake up. When compared with other people like all other countries of the world have wide scope of understanding things; Because they’re open to many sources and they try to understand different perspective but because of the Matrix here we are forced to live in this type of mode only. Like from my side or from our side actually we are trying to give a wake up call to Indians who are spread all over the world. I believe when the event or the solar Flash happens and the Matrix control system collapses; the solar flash – we will easily take it because we occupy second position in the world population that’s why India needs to wake up to what is happening right now on the Earth.

Daksha: Great, Great! What is ascension of humanity?

SD: there are various steps of Ascension of humanity like shifting from a lower Consciousness to higher consciousness; shifting from a lower Dimension to a higher dimension. it’s always a continuous process. shift from Higher density to lower density; from lower vibration state to higher vibration State.. like this we can Define Ascension in many possible ways Like shift of our energy, shift of our knowingness, who we are actually and what we are, and if you start knowing about your own self, that’s actually ascension.

Ascend means we have to go from one Consciousness level to another Consciousness level and earth as a whole along with its living beings is going through this Ascension process from decades it started and this Ascension from now it will reach its peaks. like 2025 many people are saying because of their educational knowledge like whatever sources they have and whatever energetic changes that are happening in the earth’s crust etc.. they are finding it like by 2025 the ascension portal will open onto the Earth humanity needs to be ready and especially Indians need to be ready and this ascension will actually make a shift from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension. If you all are aware that we are in 3rd dimensional earth and 5th dimensional / higher dimensional living is completely different from this type of living and this type of living where we are seeing suffering.. lot of suffering; like in every corner of the world and every stage of the life, humans life we see suffering and there is no rule actually that a person, a sentient being has to suffer in life and the entire Galactic Society like everywhere in the galaxy have the right to live a positive life and a positive influence everywhere especially on Earth only this type of suffering is there so as to understand all these things we should understand ascension. Ascension is like you move from this sadness, sorrowfulness, lack of everything to Abundance. Abundance not only in terms of money, in terms of happiness, love, joy and abundantia.

Daksha: So how is humanity being stopped from the ascension process? if you can say something about

SD: This is actually a hostage situation on the earth. We know hostages like human beings are hostages and earth itself is under the hostage situation since 25000 years there are so many control systems on earth like on humanity in the form of implants, you know implants are placed in various parts of our body right before our birth itself. it’s like a soul contract. When you want to come onto the earth you should sign a signature, you should put your sign on a soul contract agreeing to the terms and conditions of the earth, because is the hostage since 25000 years under the control of the dark beings and if anyone wants to enter on the earth they have to sign their agreement. When you sign the agreement it implies that you will forget your old self, forget the soul and forget our creator. and you will forget that you are co-creator everything you will forget all those things that is the soul contract. like it will be there on the soul contract. As soon as you sign they will they’ll hold your energy bodies and they put implants in various parts of the energy body so you will forget everything your pituitary gland pineal gland everything closes. And you come onto the Earth and thinking that there is a cycle of re-incarnations. like birth, death and between birth and death you have to study, earn and complete the family life again die and again rebirth etc., its like every incarnation cycle.

but here what we should understand is, this hostage situation as soon as it is liberated. then we will enter into the ascension and we will be equivalent to all the sentient beings on the other planets of the universe/multiverse whatever it may be. so right from the birth we are under the control of the implants. then as soon as we enter the earth, matrix controls start.like right from the beginning family control, mother says you have to do this, you should not do that, parents will be putting restrictions that while feeding us itself, they say see if you don’t eat properly police will come and catch you or police will come and find you; that means fear right from feeding itself it starts right from brought up, right from the childhood it starts and education system that is one big control, you have to study you have to gain marks, and you have to stand 1st and then only you will get good job and you have to earn money, that education system will always teach you so many things but which are practically not useful for us in leading our life and it will make us run for our marks, it will never ask us to have knowledge. You are studying here to gain knowledge, you are not to here to produce marks.

That is educational system control and then societal control, relatives keep saying, society keeps saying how to live and they will decide the factors so many terms and conditions keep coming, friends, so many people. Then finally comes, mainstream media, social media and newspaper, politics, government everyone is ready here to tell you how you have to live. So, many control systems even though you want to change your belief system, past experiences will be telling you, NO! if you do like this you may be in trouble like that many mind control games also will be there. These many mind controls are there and we have cross or break these controls to so as to step on to that ascension. 1st step, when you will step you will start understanding. But that stepping should start so that afterwards when you start leading your path, then also you have to be very careful about procedure of walking the path.

Daksha: we have been living in a dual world in a duality so how you describe duality?

SD: This duality is like the other term you can use 3rd dimension, here, everything will be 2, like good-bad. You have to do like this or you have to do like that, or vice versa or you can say like double like happiness-sadness, and then gain-loss like that but actually other parts of the creator’s creation, other planets, we don’t have this duality, we don’t have 2, we have only one that is soul evolution,

Daksha: yeah oneness,

SD: main focus is on soul evolution only. When you are focusing on soul evolution even though when you are doing a mistake you will never be punished. Doing a mistake is actually is a sign that particular soul needs certain processes to heal. Because of unknowingness they are doing that mistake. But here we will be punished like they ask us and say us that you are bad, not good, you aren’t perfect. You have these qualities negative qualities, they classify as positive-negative etc but in other dimensions we will be asked to go for healing because we don’t know how to act in that particular part or in that particular situation and when we are sent for healing, then our soul gets healed and we will start walking the perfect path of soul evolution. There is no question of punishment. There is no question of duality there. Everyone will help each other’s soul so as to travel the path of oneness so that oneness will actually help all the souls of that particular dimension to walk simultaneously and evolve as a group consciousness but here for us divide and rule, that itself is duality, divide them and rule and control them so that they separate every individual. This or that, religion – follow this or that. So many differences in duality which actually gives us a lot of suffering and pain. There is one famous quote here like there is NO PAIN, NO GAIN that is without pain there is no gain it seems. That itself is a very wrong teaching, wrong saying. You can get everything and you need not get pain. And there is no question of suffering or sadness required for learning. Learning is never based on suffering. You need not suffer, you need not face pain. Learning itself is joy. Learning itself is happiness. There is no question of suffering at all. All these are duality consciousness which are absent in other dimensions.

Daksha: conditions yes yes and this is not our real soul nature we have been living in a dual world black white light so this is not our real soul nature we have to move from duality to oneness so we have been living in manipulation separation and deception so from those things we’ll be moving to oneness love unity so if i ask you who runs the matrix?

SD: This is actually step-wise. It is like a pyramid. The top rulers of this matrix are CHIMERA. CHIMERA are actually non physical beings and no one can see those chimera beings with physical eyes. And even when you search on google regarding chimera, you will never find any information because Google itself is under their control. So chimera, we can say the topmost entities, who runs this matrix system, and below that chimera ARCHONS are there and archons you get little information on internet and archons are also non-physical beings who live on etheric plane. These are puppets, these archons are the puppets of chimera and these archons actually hold us. Hold our day to day life. So they know where to trigger us for example, you came across certain meditation and you want to start meditation but if you awaken, there will be a lot of tectonic changes in the grid system of that particular country or in your own place then immediately the archons will identify that and they create certain conditions in your life that you will stop looking at meditation. They will make you so busy on that day that you won’t meditate and you will never be able to meditate and you will keep postponing that meditation and the awakening process is postponed. So that is the role played by archons.

And once you understand this type of process or phenomenon.Then you should be able to counter act them. That is; whatever happens, whether there is work; lot of stress is there it doesn’t matter. Today at any cost I will start my meditation. Today at any cost I will anchor light , not only for myself even for the earth. If that dedication is there. If that dedication is connected with FREEWILL, there will be great loss to them. Remember on earth FREEWILL EXISTS and if you connect your dedication with freewill; No one can stop you. No archons; no chimera. They are actually scared of your freewill. They are actually scared and they will never touch you and if you are fearful, because of the archons and the chimera, that is their strong hold. So leave that fear, leave that laziness, start anchoring light. Being a lightworker, we are here to serve mother earth and when you start doing meditation, they will run away no one can come to you. After archons, comes the CABAL, the elite. We know that the cabal and the elite are the major parts of the government.

Daksha: yeah so basically they are the puppets hyper dimensional beings and local forces are operating through them.

SD: And these cabal and elite people, these people are you cannot identify them they are a part of the government and their names are not so public. And mainly they control these prime ministers, presidents and they put a strong hold on the country’s people, the entire nation. We can see various kinds of controls and all during this pandemic and all, Ukraine war Russia-Ukraine war and most of like Syria war which happened long back, and Syria war. All this is to control the grid system. Earth grid system and this cabal control the earth grid system and they serve their leader archons and then under cabal many brainwash human beings. That brainwashing is one great type of programming. It is not that easy to escape the brain washing program. And if cabal identifies that particular humans understood that brainwashing programming, and they want to come out of that programming, and that’s a threat to the life of that particular human beings like we can see many whistle blowers, William Snowden all these people are, such type of people they woke up and they are ready to wake up humanity and that’s a threat to cabal.

Daksha: so how is Plandemic used to bring population into fear; so as to delay the liberation? the liberation is getting delayed because of whatever is going on with the plandemic or many different things through which fear is being spread

SD: So this pandemic or it’s good to say “plandemic”. So this bio terror, this bio weapon is used , they have this idea of using this bio weapon some 11-15 years ago itself. They funded it, we all know who funded it. And that program, they were actually waiting for the right moment and they were unable to implement that great reset. The great reset in terms of their own financial reset. Actually financial reset happens, will happen on earth, but it is of LIGHT. But the dark also have their own idea of great reset, they were not able to implement that great reset and they used this trump-card (pandemic). Actually many such type of trump-cards were successfully stopped by the light forces but this one slipped out of their hands and then pandemic came onto the earth. And through this pandemic, the dark wants to propaganda and spread the energy of fear. Everyone is in fear, because the virus will kill you, lung infection etc etc and the media we know, it is under their control. And it gave complete scary picture to everyone.

I know in my family, members who are not so awakened, no one is into meditation, we see those people get scared, they are frightened. They don’t want to come out of the house, they want to stay inside and that is only for common cold virus. Influenza virus which has nothing to do with our death actually. So the fear kills them and in this way they succeeded in maintaining the matrix through the energy of fear, so they maintained it successfully. Main agenda behind this “plandemic” is vaccine. Through vaccine they want to introduce microchip. That microchip will monitor you, 24*7, wherever you go, what is your financial dealings, wherever you are and your life , no privacy at all, your life will be full control under their control. And thereby they want to bring their idea of great reset and that also failed and vaccine, they were not able to succeed.

And they thought of releasing some other bio weapons like they started it already like monkeypox etc. But nothing will be successful because the earth is getting the downpour of ascension energies. So people believe and there are many educated guess is that, many people’s educated guess is that, the portal will open by 2025 but the solar flares, the solar cycle, the cosmic cycle all these cycles are speeding up the process like anything because the actual ascension window should open by year 2000,that got delayed. They said, it will opened by 2012 and that also didn’t happen and that 2012 was postponed and now we are in 2022, we don’t know when it will start also and how long the suffering has to continue. But what I see, in this particular year because, 2020 year itself, that year itself contains 2 digits of 2. 2 brings a dramatic change. This year that is 2022,three 2s. triple the mark. And we have the closing of closing of cosmic cycle which was 13billion years on wards it is continuing and it is going to close very soon. And the galactic magnetic pulse cycle, and that duration is 26000 years actually 25,772 years and solar cycle 11 years, every 11 years, there will be solar maximum and solar minimum. We are coming closer to that cycle closure also. So 3 cycles are closing and this much energy is flowing onto the earth and they know what is going to happen, who? Dark knows, much earlier than us what is going to happen, so they have their own plan. They want to control the system, they want to have hold on this. They cannot ascend, no one else should ascend on this earth and that is the reason why they keep spreading the fear in one or the other way so that the ascension will be delayed.

SD: But, we turned, as a light worker we hold the light and we were successful in turning the things in a better way, and we did so many global mass meditations, so many so many like 9-10 global mass meditations we did. Finally, the energies were towards our side we were able to steer the wheel of the earth into our hands and it lead to great awakening and that great awakening should continue even in India also, that is the reason why this program is being organized by the divine plan!

Daksha: Great! So What is Ascension portal 2025 which you were already mentioning now?

SD: This is the plan, by 2025, ASCENSION PORTAL should close actually on earth, but because of the atrocities and sufferings of the earth and even all the galactic civilizations are watching us; on every other dimension, the galactic codex will be ruling but here on earth, the local laws will be ruling but here there is a limit for everything and because of that, the galactic society decided, some intergalactic or inter dimensional beings decided that the ascension portal 2025 will not close by 2025 , it will keep open forever , that was the decision taken by galactic confederation of light that is after divine intervention activation meditation which we did in 2021, December 21st.

Divine intervention is the intervention of the source. Source will intervene directly and no local law will stop the divine intervention, so this ascension portal 2025 will remain open and the living beings of the earth, if they are willing to ascend and if they are ready to ascend, they want their soul evolution to continue to 5th dimension, they can ascend from here directly, and if they are not willing they have their own planets for it, earth-like planets, 7 planets according to madam Blavatsky, who gave the information in her book, SECRET DOCTRINE, it’s an Occultistic book. She described that 7earth like planets are ready, and these are actually confirmed by even scientists also , they have observed by using their own technology of observing space, they told that earth like planets are existing. They do exist, so they are ready and these people who are not willing to ascend by 2025 , to that ascension portal energies by using that energies, they can be shifted to those earths (planets) and they can continue their soul evolution happily and this ascension portal 2025, like what I have said earlier, the expectation is by 2025 but it can happen right from 2022 (this year) June on wards like there will be 2 flashes, one is SOLAR FLASH Or EVENT FLASH we can say, flash 1 and flash 2. So event flash can happen right from June 2022 to 2025 in between this time period it can happen. Suppose if it happens by 2023 end, by the end of 2023 , then we can expect the 2nd flash by the end of 2025,that means between the duration of 2024 beginning on wards by the end of 2025 , 2 years duration, people can start ascending, the light workers whoever is willing they can start going through the process of ascension, like they can become an ascended master, who had been on the same journey, Seraphis Bey, master EL Morya they can ascend like that.

If the EVENT FLASH,doesn’t happen by 2023 and if it happens by 2025, like in this duration, then the 2nd flash will take 1.5-2 years from then on wards and then ascension will start after 2025. So these are the 2 scenarios which are predicted by the people who are ascension process since decades but we don’t know what exactly will happen, because it is decided by the SOURCE, it will be decided by the CREATOR himself.

So we don’t know the exact date of the event flash or the 2nd flash. But there are so many other options also because time is running short and they say both the flashes will be clubbed and there will be only one flash at the same time, because the solar cycle, the 11 years solar cycle, which was supposed to be solar maximum by May 2025, it crossed by the month of May 2022 itself (3years gap). The energies which were supposed to reach the earth by 2025 May, they reached earth by 2022 May itself , that means everything is speeding up.Everything is preponed. Actually, like suppose if the people who are not willing to ascend, because their soul evolution is in primary stages, they will be evacuated, there will be no question of death. They will be shifted to other earth like planets. There is no need to worry for those people also, even in my family like I said earlier they are not awakened. So what will happen to them, they don’t die, they will be shifted to the earth like planets during evacuation, evacuation process will be there.

Daksha: so if you can explain uh what is this evacuation process which you are talking about at present

SD: yeah yes, So actually, after EVENT FLASH, suppose if the flashes are 2 in number, 1st one EVENT flash is as usual, financial reset will be there, banking system will be closed for 15 days, and afterwards when they get reopened, we will have a new financial system and we will lead our life. After the event flash, the free energy technology will be released and all space technology will be released. It will be made public.. The Tesla technology everything will be made public. People will understand that there is no question of pharmacy and alternate healing therapies are available and transport system will be in a better way all these things.

So people will start seeing these changes, who are meditators, not only lightworkers and star seeds, suppose if they are interested in coming into this path and they want to ascend along with us before the 2nd flash comes they are all welcome. But even then some people are not willing to come; Because their soul evolution is at a very early stage, they are young souls and not very much advanced souls, they have an option of choosing the same old this type of life on a different planet. The difference between the new planets that are existing, there they don’t have a cabal matrix system, and they can continue their life on that planet, by EVACUATION.

the meaning of evacuation is We know out star friends, Pleidians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians etc.. Those people will be coming onto the earth before the 2nd flash arrives and the 2nd flash will bring GALACTIC TSUNAMI because the primary anomaly which is existing on the earth, should be wiped out according to the SOURCE INTERVENTION.

The source plan is that and the source intervention is nothing that it will trigger galactic tsunami. Normal tsunami itself causes lot of harm, so this galactic tsunami, tidal waves will be so huge, nothing will be able to remain on earth. So before that tsunami comes, everyone will be shifted. Suppose if you are ready to ascend, you will be shifted to Pleiades Star System for the healing and continuation of your ascension process, and the people who are not willing to ascend and they want to continue this type of life on another earth, then they will be taken by the MOTHER SHIP, that is called evacuation. So there are 2 steps, one is ascension and another is evacuation. So the young souls who are not willing to ascend will be shifted to the new earth, (the 3D type of earth only) , but that is physical body wise.

Yes, so like we are moving from this place to your place, like I am here and I want to come I will take a flight and go, in the same way they go from this planet earth to that planet earth by motherships. Yes, everyone will be shifted, and as you said frequency state they will be shifted their own particular frequency having planet.

Daksha: Okay, So this will happen between…

SD: This will be happening between the 1st ans 2nd flash. Just before galactic tsunami. The earth’s magnetic energy is decreasing faster because the galactic magnetic pulse is decreasing faster. When galactic magnetic pulse is decreasing, earth’s magnetic energy also decreases. The decreasing earth magnetic energy, galactic magnetic energy, will trigger PHYSICAL POLE SHIFT. Physical pole shift will happen for the earth, and that will trigger changes I the earth’s crust, you know core,crust, mantle will be there for the earth, so earth crust will be changing and that will trigger the earthquakes and tsunamis(galactic tsunamis) but before galactic tsunamis either evacuation or ascension for human beings. And all being will be shifted. No one will die.

Daksha: great! so how we can step in the golden era along with mother gaya if we can if you can give some tips how we can do this shift how we can step up into this golden era or along with planet earth along with mother gaia because planet earth is ascending that is why we are ascending.

SD: If you choose the path of ascension, entering into the golden era along with mother Gaia, then you should start doing light meditations, light work, you should be a light worker. You need not go out and do anything, you should do light meditations, these light meditations are available, plenty are available in guided meditation audios are available in Hindi, English , Telugu and various languages of world like 44-48 languages of guided audios are available on COBRA BLOG, cobra blog is 2012 PORTAL BLOG and WE LOVE MASS MEDITATIONS (another blog). We love mass meditations frequently publishes what all meditations are required for anchoring light onto the earth for example, Russia-Ukraine war is going on, so a peace meditation for them, and suppose any outburst of any disease and another guided meditation, different guided meditations for different remember for planetary light anchoring and for personal light anchoring, both will be there.


So you can do for your personal soul evolution and and even for helping mother Gaia also, there are planetary level meditations. There is one meditation rainbow flower of life. It will be conducted every 4hrs, like no one will conduct, the guided audio will be available, they will give the time frame, like at which time you have to do if you are interested.Like every day 6 times, interval of 4 hrs.

Why I am specifying rainbow flower of life meditation is, this meditation duration is 11 minutes 11 seconds, and this meditation actually counteracts the matrix. It will reverse the matrix energy. That’s what we need. So when you do this 11 mins 11 secs meditation, it will actually counteract the energy anchored by the matrix, so that matrix will become weak. FLOWER OF LIFE GRID you will be VISUALISING. It’s all visualising technique. So, that you can do and when cobra announces like cobra is a person with a pen name and he announces global mass meditations whenever required based on particular star-conjunctions etc. So we work for all those things and for those meditations duration will be of 20 minutes only.

And recently we completed on 21st December 2021, we did DIVINE INTERVENTION MEDITATION. It’s for the 1st time on earth, a meditation clubbed with a petition. Like we want divine intervention. It’s a petition raised by cobra, so that 144,000; you know that magical number of 144000 lightworkers. If we get signatures of 144,000 our galactic friends, our star friends are observing everything, they observe us, what is going on earth they want to consider, how many people are really willing for divine intervention.

Divine Intervention Petition

It crossed 144,000 signatures before that date of 21st December, and if you are really interested, you can sign the petition even now, because the petition is still active, and that is divine intervention, requesting the source to directly intervene in earth’s situation. That’s actually a call for Galactic confederation. So we request the source to intervene, by signing the petition where we just say YES that’s it. If you want you can comment, write your name or anonymous you can leave it also.That petition is still alive and you can sign

and food also, matrix controls us through food also, fear based food(non vegetarian) so that’s cruelty. So if you want to ascend and if you want to get a light body, you should become vegan, at least or raw vegan or fruitarian or it depends on your choice. Diet should be a high frequency diet. Diet helps you to raise your frequency. Automatically your body will start moving from carbon based body to crystalline based body which is required for light-body activation, light body process.

Keeping your emotions updated. I say updated, because you have to update your emotions according to the increasing frequency, according to the changing dimensions of the earth. You should not go along with your emotions and along with 3D conditions.

Daksha: we need to process our emotions and observe the thought patterns here

SD: And to achieve all these things we can use various crystals also, crystal consciousness helps you alot to speed up this process and to maintain.. And healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, keep connecting to earth, nature, spend time in nature, avoid mainstream media. I prefer this a lot. I stopped watching television since 2011. We stopped it. You can update yourself by observing proper source of social media, you can maintain all those things. So these are some tips by which you can maintain your vibration and frequency levels.

Daksha: great great so i’ll just attach these meditation links in the description so whoever it is interested if we talk about galactic beings ascendant masters so how are they helping us at present. so and why can’t we see them many people ask me that why we cannot see angels why we cannot see our changes like you were mentioning now that we will be in coming days in coming years we will be able to interact with them aliens and all so how are these things going to take place?

SD: Yes, these aliens, I call them as star friends, galactics, all these galactic civilizations, they do exist,and you cannot deny their presence because God is not crazy to create life only on the earth and he cannot create other planets without life/useless planets. Everywhere life exists and all other planets are inhabited by their own civilizations. Why we cannot see them is because of this hostage situation. The chimera threatens the galactic confederation of light, the ascended masters in one way that, if anyone wants to interact with human beings, they will start a nuclear war or some kind of disruptive mechanism here.

Anyway all those other types of toplet bombs, and all those were removed actually, but there is a threat, hostage situation, that’s why you cannot see an ascended master. But when you do light meditations you can connect with their energy and increase your vibration, if your vibration reaches their vibration, they can communicate with you.

And divine intervention meditation and divine intervention petition actually opened that portal, saying that when certain limit is crossed, on any planet, if the dark crosses or the suffering crosses a limit even the galactic confederation will not keep quiet. They have every right to intervene the situation. They are actually waiting for the right moment because we have opened the portal on 21st December, 2021 itself, and when all conditions are right they will collapse this matrix perfectly and the primary anomaly will be removed completely, and we can meet our aliens, our star friends, we can interact like you and me are interacting with each other.

Daksha: WOW!

SD: This is a virtual one, we can interact physically with them and remember you are going to become an ascended master, that is called ascension. You will be an ascended master. So all possibilities are open now and the only things is your personal decision to step on all this. I request all Indians to consider this.

Daksha: and if we talk about galactic federation of light also then now what i have heard that there is some infiltration going there itself so how we can discern from these things like what is right and what is wrong because we need to practice that discernment especially when we are going in spiritual path and how we can discern between negative and positive?

SD: I agree 100 percent with you. Yes infiltrations are everywhere. And discernment is the main key. You should understand from your inner guidance. Remember, any experience you get either during meditation or in life, if that experience is helping you to evolve, soul evolution then that is a perfect experience and that is light. If that experience or that energetic contact with aliens is not helping you to evolve, at soul-evolution it is not helping you, instead of that it is sucking your energy, that is a fake alien. This is actually another plan of dark, FAKE ALIEN INVASION is the last resort but the recent development is the light also infiltrated into the chimera, the topmost dark.

See when they know how to play the game, we know in a better way than them because we are light. We are the smartest. The light beings also infiltrated the chimera and they are doing their own work, hopefully we keep fingers crossed and they complete their work and event flash arrives on the earth sooner.

Daksha: yes and positive aliens will never manipulate and control us yes they will honor our free will so that can also be a difference between this and yeah yes yes and if you if you can just give us a glimpse what life looks like on new earth how the life will be in new earth which we are trying to build which we are trying to create collectively it’s not like just one person’s business it’s like collectively we are creating new ones yeah collective consciousness

SD: In the new era, new earth life will be like full fun, fun-loving, creativity will be there, you can do whatever you want to do. Many people ask me that then it makes you a lazy person, it will never make you lazy person, LAZY IS A CONCEPT OF MATRIX because you know you are working for your soul evolution you will never be lazy and you will do what you have to do for your soul evolution and personal evolution so creativity will be there, fun and the family system. Drastically changes to soul – family system instead of the bloodline family. See, only here on earth the matrix controls you through the blood line family, everywhere else soul families will be living together, and soul family system in ISLAND OF LIGHT.

Soulmates, twin souls all these terminologies, matrix again spoiled the energy of those terminologies, by using in a different sense. But all those energies will be brought back and the reunion with soul families with proper understanding of how to go about the soul evolution, its all compassion based and kindness, and everyone will be helping each other to evolve in a better way. Its a group evolution. Each island of light will have an evolution pace and accordingly it will be evolving and we will be helping many people to ascend and to evolve also because we are on the front row, front row lightworkers, we will ascend and we will show them the path. Whoever is willing they can work up. You will see beautiful landscapes, water, healing technologies and crystalline built houses, beautiful scenaries, creatures, style of living, everywhere no pollution basically no pollution,

Daksha: WOW!

SD: lovely atmosphere, fun filled love filled and there is no question of money basically and replicators, replicators are the machines which give anything you want, like say you want food, you can feed that into replicator and it will produce the food whatever you want. You want an ornament, you feed that programming into that replicator, it will give you that ornament, and in that way replicators will be installed everywhere so that there is no need of struggle for earning something and struggle for earning money etc, and you can focus only on soul evolution, it will be very nice and beautiful for which we all are waiting for.

Daksha: so we can conclude our session on this beautiful note and it was really wonderful having interaction with you and i really wish many can benefit from this.


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