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F3 – Forgive, Forget, Freedom

Forgive, Forget, Freedom should be the mantra during 2022.


You may need to face many situations that will push you to develop the quality of forgiveness. If you haven’t learned this quality till now in your life, then it’s high time now to implement it. The incoming energies of 2022 will support you to the fullest to inculcate these qualities. You can become a role model of what you intend to become.

Remember, Forgive is the quality that supports you in many ways rather than others. It will release you from unwanted energies and incidents. When you forgive others, it helps you to evolve emotionally strong. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you are at fault or you are weak etc., and It means that you want to move forward by leaving the situation. There’s no use for you by clinging to that situation, and you want to release yourself from that energy.



Many people often feel difficulty regarding understanding the quality forget. It’s not possible to forget the incident. Our brain stores all the incidents of our life, Of course, past lives too. So how to implement this quality? Forget means not forgetting the incident. It’s actually releasing or forgetting the emotion of that incident. When your brain recalls that situation, you don’t feel that same emotional energy. That is the true meaning of forgetting.


You implement this quality of forgive, forget even for yourself. Stop feeling guilty regarding your past mistakes. No one on the Earth is perfect. We evolve by learning from our own mistakes and even others too. You can do ‘n’ number of mistakes, but you should never repeat a mistake. Until unless you complete learning and evolving, repetition continues.


The biggest emotion which everyone wants to experience on this Earth is freedom. At one or the other stage of human life, they might have identified that there’s a lack of it. There’s a lot of control, especially last 2 years.

When you implement forgive & forget, you have manifested freedom for yourself already. Freedom from disturbing thoughts, energies, people, etc.,


When People’s freedom consciousness rises, then Planetary freedom consciousness also rises. It will affect the grid system. More and more people want to experience freedom. It leads to awakening. Awakening demands truth disclosure, and it leads to more awakening. The chain reaction continues.

There’s one more F, Freewill. Freewill exists only on this Earth. Let us use it appropriately to evolve in a better way. Choose wisely. Freewill becomes a rare commodity if you don’t understand the game going on this Earth.

Forgive, Forget, Freedom, Freewill

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