DNA #Snippet

Lynn – Cobra, what is your feeling on us being able to re-create 24 strands of DNA.

COBRA – I would not agree with 24 strands of DNA. It is just another New Age concept that has been introduced. (Ok, thank you)

Aaron – Is it true or is it not true?

COBRA – Again, it is just a new age concept that has been introduced to the surface population.

Aaron – I would like to elaborate a little on that. Our DNA has 2 strands.

COBRA – Yes, the DNA has 2 strands.

Aaron – I don’t see how it can go from 2 to 12 or 24.

COBRA – Exactly, our physical DNA does not go to 12 or 24.

Aaron – It is what it is. We’ve been hearing that for years. I guess that’s just another rumor or myth.

COBRA – It’s anther new age concept that has been introduced and I would say that everybody needs to use their common sense, reading books or internet articles or anything that has been introduced through the alternative media.

Aaron – I had a hard time buying that the first time I heard that. I’m glad you cleared that up.

COBRA – Yes. Basically we have 12 strands of DNA on the etheric plane, but not on the physical plane.

Aaron – Ah, That does make all the difference.

COBRA – Its a different story, yes.

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