Communication is a method of exchanging information through various ways like speaking, writing, signals and so on. This is the most important tool required to live in a society. The success of a person depends on the way he/she communicates with others. It not only includes talking but also listening and sharing ideas or feelings which in return gives an appropriate response from others.

Love Language:

Communication plays a major role among spouses. The Love language of a man differs from a woman. Some express it as body touch and others as verbal. All humans are unique and they will have their own ways of communication of Love. Partners need to understand this Love language as early as possible to have love-filled life. It needs a lot of patience.

To love without condition 
The Spirit of True Love
To talk without intention
To give without reason
To care without expectation

Struggling communications:

It is always difficult to understand each other in an easy way. Why does it happen? There is a difference in the chakra system of men and women.

Seven Chakra system

In Men energy flows in lower chakras. In women energy flows in higher chakras. Most of the women express their Love as an emotion. Woman’s Love Language is heart-centered as their energies flow in higher chakras of the body i.e., heart chakra/Anahata chakra and above.

Its not easy for men to understand this communication as their energies flow in lower chakras of the body that is from root chakra to naval chakra.

Ideal balanced curve.
Imbalanced chakra system with overactive 2nd chakra and progressively more underactive 4th, 5th and 6th chakra.

The energy flow is in different directions. A woman’s higher chakras are in expressing/communicating mode. Man’s lower chakras are in expressing/communicating mode. So always there’s an energy barrier for communication of Love between man and woman. It’s the same with any type of communication between them. That’s why a man can understand another man in a better way than a woman and vice versa as their chakras express in the same mode.

Crack the barrier:

When you know the reason for a problem, you will be able to solve it earlier. The easiest method to overcome it is as follows for man and woman. A man needs to visualize the uprising of his energies from lower chakras to higher chakras. A woman needs to visualize the downward flow of energies from higher chakras to lower chakras. Thereby all the chakras show a balanced flow of energies.

If you and your partner have the habit of doing meditation, then you can sit opposite to each other, place your hands on each other’s heart chakra and visualize the flow of energies between your chakras.

Place the hand on partners heart chakra during meditation.


I wish everyone to get success in COMMUNICATION OF LOVE.

Victory of LOVE and Light.

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