A fantasy created in humans through many ways; especially movies, social media etc., A Woman always searches her soulmate in life partner and ends up in frustration. Poor fellow, husband never meets the expectations of wife. He can never exhibit soulmate qualities and vice versa.

Men and Women are programmed through implants above the navel in such a way that their relation ends up in frustration most of the time. This horizontal implant programming separates heaven from Earth, Man from Woman, emotions from the mind, love from sexuality. They fragment the personality and block the Kundalini Life force. They suppress the emotions, which lowers vibrational frequency from joy to pain, further into anger, further down into sadness and further into fear. This is the reason why many people are dissatisfied in their family lives. They fear that their relation may not survive longer. They were unable to bear this fear and end up in divorce as they want to come out of fear through this way. This twin soul fantasy also creates chaos among the partners.

How to come out of this fantasy? What exactly Soulmate/Twin Soul is?

Soul family members of the same soul family or adjoining soul family members that create a very deep soul connection with 6th dimensional soul love are called soulmates. They exhibit a positive interference pattern with buddhic consciousness.

Soulmate - are one at all levels

Soul family members of the same soul family that has split into opposite female/male polarities and have a deeper connection at 7th dimensional level are called Twin souls.

Twin Soul Love

They exhibit a positive interference pattern with athmic consciousness. When we have this understanding, we come out of this illusion, fantasy etc., We will start understanding our life partner in a better way like why they were not able to reach up to our expectations [How can they reach also, when they are not our soulmate]. We stop continuing with this fantasy created by social media. A certain degree of freedom, happiness starts in the life with this awareness.  
For a better understanding about Soulmate/Twin Soul:

How will be the connection with a Soulmate/Twin Soul?

A pure, deep, Soul love connection will never expect anything. No expectation, No frustration. Free will, Freedom, Happiness, Joy, Proper development at personal/emotional/mind/soul level with better understanding will be seen. A beautiful love energy exists between them.

Soulmate s be like fire and water
ardanareeswara tatvam

This type of Soulmate/Twin Soul connection helps in reaching higher consciousness. It doesn’t matter with distance when once they are connected at energy level.

Twin soul Love
Twin soul Love

This is the reason why dark tries to trigger many mind controlled programmings or implant program when Soulmates/Twin Souls meet physically. Especially archons are allergic to Spiritual Love between Soulmates/Twin Souls. This Spiritual Love anchors huge amounts of Light. Dark hates Light.

Soulmate - Love and Light will always be there

Universe is waiting to see this Spiritual Love to flourish on the Earth. Hope it will manifest here and so it is.

A tool to manifest Soulmate/Twin Soul in your life:

Use this meditation to meet your Soulmate/Twin Soul at energy level first and it will help in creation at physical level later.
In English:

I wish everyone to experience SPIRITUAL LOVE.
I dedicate this post to my Soulmate/Twin Soul
Goddess wants Love to spread everywhere and it will be

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