Fear is an unwanted, contagious emotion. It is installed by our very own mother for the first time in life while feeding you. She threatens the baby by showing an animal or police or someone. She does that unknowingly.

No thanks, Mom. No food for Me.

The number of fear factors keeps increasing in the latter part of life due to various reasons which will be introduced by relatives, schools, society, media [Nowadays, especially in the case of the Coronavirus.], etc., For example: https://prepareforchange.net/2020/02/19/benjamin-fulford-2-17-20-report-us-corporation-fails-to-meet-payments-date-and-threatens-to-poison-worlds-water-supply/

Fear mongering media

It develops many obstacles and blocks in life. Sometimes it may lead to depression or phobia. The perception of reality is adversely affected. A human of emotional and physical illness is the result. To solve these problems, humans need to undergo a lot of unlearning processes.

If terrorism is based on creating fear, then the greatest terrorism is media.

A [highly] dissatisfied, frustrated life is the outcome. To come out of all these issues, first, a person needs to accept and understand that he has fear. Many levels of healing are required later.

Different deep rooted scene with female:

Many fear factors will be added to the life of the female. The count starts before birth itself [female foeticide] and goes infinitely. Many rules, customs, and regulations play a very crucial role to barricade the female in many ways.

Female Foeticide
Gender Stratified Society
Rigid customs and traditions

Solution to come out of the fear:

All these fears block the free flow of life force/energy in the body. We become victims of our own fear. There may be many methods to come out of it. I’m going to share with you all a powerful meditation protocol for releasing fear. It helps in releasing the energy blocks in the bodies and your path will be clearer and free of obstacles. You can practice it for any type of situation and any number of times as you feel guided.

Guided Meditation audio

Protocol for releasing Fear

I wish everyone to come out of fear. Express your freewill without inhibition. Liberate yourself to experience bliss at all levels.


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