Manifestation is a very clear sign that a particular situation or thing or feeling exists. Whether a situation or an object or relationship, whatever it may be, we manifest those things in our life as we are the creators of our life. Humans have the power of free will to manifest anything in their life which is done either knowingly or unknowingly. Perfect understanding of the Law of Manifestation helps us to lead a better life. 

Are you not able to manifest the things in your life? Are you confused?

The following are the 3 simple steps for the law of manifestation.


The decision should be clear regarding whatever you want to manifest. A Decision is a free will of your I am presence. This law doesn’t differ regarding the manifestation of various things. Whether they are small or big, the manifestation process is the same. The time taken for manifestation differs. Trust the process of manifestation. Inside you, there is untapped potential. Use it.


Invoke emotional energy to magnetically draw your manifestation.

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You can call upon any God/goddess of your choice to help for this. You may seem to struggle initially but never quit. Continue to do energy work.


Physical action is needed. Dedicated and inspiring work is necessary. Dedication and Commitment are what transfer dreams into realities. Dedication doesn’t have an off-season.

Never give up until you manifest it. This is the secret behind every successful person in the world. 


Align yourself with the parabrahma/force of the Cosmos. You will taste the incredible power of manifestation.


I wish everyone to use their innate potential to manifest their beautiful lives. Victory of the Goddess MANIFESTS LIGHT on the GAIA

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