Very often we hear this word among spiritual communities.

Let us see what it is?

Light is nothing less than Life itself. It is the force of reclamation guided by the power of creation.

Light worker

A person who devotes their life to bring this Light in its entirety and information to themselves and others is a Light worker. Light workers [LW] are attuned to the call of Source/Paramathma. The higher wisdom/information comes through them either consciously or in the form of codes. They identify that they are not here to study, earn, marry etc., and they are on the Earth to do something else. The thirst will always make them to search, work and to know more of their life purpose. As they align themselves with their life purpose, they heal, they bless, they guide many and they make every situation easier. They hold more Light and they attract many.


As they designed their life as Light worker, they face lot of challenges from all corners. Criticism, Sarcasm, lack of help from bloodline family members. LW has to meet the expectations of the society and they shouldn’t depend on it, as they are super natural according to its understanding. Society can be rude to them, but LW should be compassionate.

Another entirely different challenge comes from the dark. [On this planet there are 2 types of energies. Light and dark. Light comes from the Source. It has high vibration and is full of Love. Dark is denser, manipulative, low vibration and fear based]. It’s not easy to understand and solve these challenges. Many traps, Obstacles in the path, Can not complete the work easily, misunderstandings, health attacks, attacks on family members, financial issues and the list goes on. Some times challenges from fellow Light workers will also be there. This is due to the veil, implants, archons etc., Dark uses them to pollute the Light work. The worst scenario is many Light workers lost their life due to brutal attacks by the dark.

Even then, Light Workers hold the beautiful Light to shine Mother Earth.

It’s a real challenge to lead life as a LW rather than as a common man.

Victory of the Light
Victory of the Light Worker
Victory of the Mother Earth


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    Lovely website with great concepts mam

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      Thank you sir

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