Aliens – Are you prepared for CONTACT?

Aliens are hypothetical or fictional beings from another world or dimension. They are also called Extraterrestrial / Star friends.

“LIFE DOESN’T EXISTS ON OTHER PLANETS” A lie told by our governments to us till now. We are searching for life on other planets, we are searching for air, water, etc., on other planets, so that we can go and occupy those places. This is what informed by our governments for ages to us. One of the truth Wikileaks wanted to reveal is the existence of UFO’s etc.,

In terms of the Spaceship Earth, the wrong crew is in Command, And it's time for Mutiny.


All the governments are well familiar with the fact that LIFE EXISTS ON OTHER PLANETS TOO. But your government doesn’t want you to know. We all agree that the CREATOR/GOD created all this creation. All the planets, stars, galaxies, etc., are created by him. Why will he create other planets, stars, galaxies without life? Life exists everywhere. If so, why all humans are unable to see them. Visit the link, you will understand, why advanced alien civilizations don’t want to show up.

New Scientific study suggests advanced alien civilization could have existed before the big bang.

Some governments are working with EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS from long back.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? You won’t believe me when I say many people witnessed space ships, UFOs in our city of destiny itself. Many shreds of evidence were given. Many people [one among them is Dr.Steven greer] are fighting with the governments regarding the disclosure of Aliens [ET] presence.

Another documentary [Government didn’t permit them to release this info as a movie, so they released it as documentary]

Are you prepared for CONTACT?

You will be shocked to know the reason behind J F Kennedy’s [former president of US] assassination.
Finally, Mr. Trump’s government released a proof of aliens’ existence. A point to note is these footage belong to 2004 and 2015.

Former NASA astronauts are coming forward to reveal evidence of Earth beings in contact with ET’s from long back.

When these many pieces of evidence are available, why is it becoming hard to believe and understand the truth? There is n number of reasons. Matrix, implants, soul contract, belief system, subservient nature, etc., will make it difficult to change one’s belief system.

One who follows crowd will get no further than the crowd. One who walks alone, is likely to visit places no one has ever been.

Time has come. You cannot hide yourself from TRUTH.



  1. Madhu

    Great article. Very few people like you in this planet giving information about ET’s existence as we are not alone. Hopefully the first contact is very near.

    1. admin

      Thank you sir. It’s always under Divine Will 🙂

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