BC [Buddhic Column] is a permanent column of Buddhic fire that is built at the energy level. It is connected to the planetary network. Buddhic Column plays a very important role in the lifting of the veil around the Earth.

Since the Archon invasion of 1996, angelic beings are returning en masse to the astral and etheric areas close to the surface of the planet. You can connect with those angelic beings, especially Devas during Buddhic Column meditation. Devas handle time, weather, earthquakes, violent storms, Cataclysmic Effects, etc., skillfully.


A powerful standing Vortex of energy will be created during BC meditation. It’s tip is connected to the 5-pointed star. BC can be placed at any place or situation or on a person.

BC with pillars of Light radiating from 5 Pointed Star.
Source: WLMM

Where ever it is built, debris will be sucked in (from the sides) and taken up into the vortex and will be burned in the Star at its tip. These are stable structures and remain as permanent “clearing stations.” Their purpose is to clear the astral plane. For more details visit:

Why is it necessary to build BC for Gaia now? 

Mother Earth is in the end times of darkness. As you all know that lately, Light Workers are experiencing heaviest attacks. The sources are many. It is a high time not only to protect/clean ourselves but also protect/clean Mother Gaia. Thereby we manifest our age-old dream THE EVENT. So it is suggested to take the help of Devas to clean and protect Gaia by building BC.

The star seeds especially women are under heavy attacks. They are from Chimera, Archons, Plasma Spiders and Black Magicians, etc., Heart chakra of the incarnated Goddesses is the main target [like in the case of Isis Astara]. As we get closer to THE EVENT, the veil gets thinner, dark tries to reinforce it through these attacks. This Meditation can be used to assist in cleaning Gaia and there by lifting of the veil. For more details about these attacks

Action to be taken:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Decree
Guided Meditation


I now Decree and Command in the name of the Will of the Source, in the name of my I AM PRESENCE that the etheric plane of myself, my house, my office, my financial planes, and my surroundings where ever I go be taken care of and fully protected by the COSMIC CENTRAL RACE, and the Galactic Confederation of Light making all of my bodies and my environments on all planes completely free from any influence of Chimera, Black Magicians, Archons, Energetic daggers, Demons, Plasma Spiders, Energetic barbed wire of chimera, black magicians or Archons. I now demand and decree that all the energetic attacks made by the Dark one’s in this life and past lives be healed completely and the wounds be closed permanently. I request Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, All positive Light Magician including Franz Bardon to assist this healing process and help me at all energy levels especially at and on the etheric plane and all planes as guided by the Source. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT.

Dire need of cleaning of higher planes of Mother Gaia right from Orion Star gate. Do it every day in your Convenient Time.



  1. Sonja

    Thank you so much!

    Let there be unconditional Love on Mother Gaia.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. admin

      Yes, Unconditional LOVE to ALL
      Welcome and Thank you
      Victory of the Goddess brings Victory of the Light.

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