Endtime Chaos

Chaos everywhere in every field in the World. What is actually happening in the World that increases this chaos at the personal level and planetary level?

There’s outraging wars or disputes between the nations and within a country too. Bomb explosions, Fires in the name of Wildfires, etc., Some create Bio weapon. Others create Vaccines. Everyone wants to make money. On the other hand, Elections are going on. Restlessness among the people increases day by day due to the current situation.


Situation in the Spiritual World:

Much awakening is observed all over the World. It may be due to the increased entry of people into spirituality due to the fear generated through the present scenarios or something of their personal. Some of the Seniors in spirituality were unable to balance this personal and planetary works, and they tend to give up. They left their Life purpose/Soul mission. It puts pressure on themselves on their inner and even on the fellow spiritual people as they have to carry forward the work.

Why is this chaos?

Either one agrees or not doesn’t matter. All these changes/challenges are due to various astrological configurations in 2020. Along with this, there’s an increased influx of energies from the Central Sun of our Milkyway Galaxy. The energies down pouring from the Great Central Sun turns everything into spirituality on its way. The more one resists to these changes/energies, the more chaotic it will be. More friction develops and makes the people restless.

How to cope with this situation?

Accept the challenges and Energies. Enter the spiritual kingdom if you are not still a part of it means. Make it a routine to do meditation. Surrender yourself to the energies. Stay focused. Keep Calm. Disconnect yourself from the unwanted news items. Turn off the disturbing Media.

Broken TV Chaos

Spiritual restlessness is increasing nowadays. You can be free from this as you are the creator of it. Don’t Compare as comparison kills. Remember, if your vibrations are going down due to any of your actions means you are not in alignment with the almighty God or with the divine flow. Disconnect yourself from anything that lowers your vibrations. Align yourself with the Source. Have Patience. Listen to your inner guidance rather than an outside source. But be sure that inner guidance comes from the heart and not from the brain. Focus on your goal/Life purpose/soul mission. Never forget why did you come here and What made you walk up to this stage of life. Maintain the fire. We are on the brim of the Victory.

What else you can do to support your spiritual path?

Connect to Galactic Goddess Pleroma. Anchor more Love and Light. Spread it globally by visualization. For more details about Pleroma, Visit:

Stay heart-centered. Use Pleiadians protocols to keep yourself emotionally balanced. Participate in Global Mass Meditations. Let the energies flow through you. Educate yourself with the Ascension process. Educate others who ever are willing to listen to you.

Wake up Earth

Every action of you should be in alignment with 5d so that it’s manifestation becomes faster in this reality.


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