Life in Age of Aquarius

Life in Age of Aquarius, Mmm… Let us see how life will be. The coming 2,160 years will be the Age of Aquarius. Freedom, Equality, Love, Harmony, Originality, Resonance, Inspiration, etc., are the key terms and their energies that will rule the Earth. To know more about Aquarian Age:

In the Last 2,160 years, we are in the Age of Pisces. Division, Control, Materialism, Self-Sacrifice, Confusion, Religion, etc., are the key terms and their energies that ruled the Earth.

Year 2020 is the year when this transition is happening on a higher level, and it starts to manifest towards the physical plane. This year is one of the most important years in the overall transition. So we need to do whatever we can to encourage as much Light as possible to have the most positive outcome of this transition.

Here is another beautiful comparison of what’s happening right now in the society and what’s in store for the Humanity. This is the time to make this as a common knowledge to all.

Astrological aspects that help in manifestation of Age of Aquarius Timeline:

The stargate was opened on January 12th with Saturn-Pluto conjunction, when we completed the first part of the Age of Aquarius Activation. The stargate will close on December 21st when Jupiter conjuncts with Saturn.

Stargate 2020
30th June 2020 at 5:48 AM UTC [11:18 AM IST]
Source: WLMM

June 30th is another decisive date for the future of this planet. There will be a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction which is the turning point of the 2020 Age of Aquarius timeline stargate. This powerful activation point is located almost exactly in the middle of the whole 2020 process with 170 days between January 12th and June 30th, and another 174 days between June 30th and December 21st.

In astrology, Jupiter-Pluto conjunction symbolizes great societal and spiritual reform which will bring abundance of spiritual and material wealth to humanity. This Stargate can shift the course of the current of evolution on this planet. And the turning point on June 30th is actually the critical moment where we start to manifest this new timeline. Therefore, it is an opportunity to plant the seeds of the new beginning.

How to plant the seeds of the New Beginning?

To plant the seeds of the New Beginning, Join us in Age of Aquarius Activation part 2, Global Mass Meditation on 30th June at 11:18 AM IST. Below are the Guided Meditation Audio and flyer to share. Flyers in Kannada, Tamil and Gujarati are at the end of this article. Manga illustrations video is also available.

Guided Meditation Audio

Watch Manga illustrations video for best visualisation of the meditation

Age of Aquarius Activation part 2, Tuesday, 30th June at 11:18 AM IST
Source: WLMM

What transformation can we expect if we reach critical mass [1,44,000] during this meditation?

This time when we reach the critical mass [1,44,000 people participate in meditation], there will be a flash of energy coming from the Source through the galactic core, through the solar system and into the planetary energy grid, which will make the intervention of the Light Forces so much easier.

In particular, one part of the matrix will be deconstructed. It will be much easier for the Light Forces to enter with their energies into the energy field of the planet, and provide much-needed emotional healing to Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, as well as to humanity as a whole.

Also, in the moment of the Age of Aquarius activation, the double Goddess Vortex of Paris/Versailles will be reactivated after more than two centuries of dormancy, and this will initiate the next phase of the return of the Goddess for the planet.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

To know more details about the upcoming changes on the Planet Earth, Visit:

For updates regarding guided meditation audio in various languages, visit:

Kannada, Tamil and Gujarati flyers:




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