Cobra Ascension Conference Day 2 notes – Chiang Mai, Thailand


• Some graphs & pictures displayed here, may differ than the conference
• The writings may slightly differ what cobra said; due to mishearing, typos in handwriting, (or) omissions could occur during the process. As the writing & presenting the data is solely personal interpretation.
• We are not going to consider inquiries about the contents of this paper.
Gaurhari Sahu and Nidhi

Day-1 Conference notes is available here:



• Our planet is only remaining place of duality in this universe i.e., surface population.
• Belief systems, financial interests are creating parallel society which is being manipulated humans by dark. Social contracts which are being operational will change drastically and all old patterns will crash.
• The collapse is inevitable because the attachment to this controlling pattern is the main source for duality.
• Dark forces want to keep their business intact in the coming change and this is not going to happen.
• Before collapse these all-old systems and societies has to crash.

• In August 2019, the beta timeline collapsed hence there will be no smooth transition.
• Dark forces engineered COVID to delay the financial collapse but now all buffer of this old systems is used up, no back up!
• We are on the edge of a fall and there will be an irreversible collapse.
• It started from April 2023 and will become quite intensified from now onwards for example: the crash of UBS bank (A Swiss bank).
• People’s trust on political system are getting lesser now a days. This is a key moment where different possible timelines are probable which will have multiple possibilities.

• Galactic sun sending a Devine energy (kundalini) will revolutionize this moment. (This will be the outcome of the kundalini suppression).
• The involvement of key people will be the decisive factor for this revolution (Example French Revolution).
• Light forces will intervene and take the surface population to a point of breakthrough by taking over media and political systems as well as the arrests of all cabals.
• Light forces can do this anytime but waiting for a smooth transition where all the basic need will easily get circulated but human make mistakes that will result in End Time Madness (freaking out due to belief system crash).
• There will be a condition like lock down for a while and with a provisional government.
• New advanced technologies will be given to the humanity.
• The coming intel will be shocking for everyone. We have to be ready to face our inner reality; so, we need to be healed by the time. Healing assistance will be given including finances.
• No one is ready for the event.
• There is no time left to waste but it will be smoother when all suppression and traumas are released.
• Once this darkness gets removed, life will be easier and smoother but until then it is challenging time.
• It is challenging for general public because everything they believe will collapse.
• Dark forces want to create nuclear war, but this will not happen.
• All war heads are dismantled by light forces and every missile are on target and will get intercepted. Very few military personal and top cabal (the psychopaths) want the war.
• Underground bunkers are not safe anymore for these dark forces hence they are hiding among the surface population.


• It is advisable to do regular peace meditation in every 4 hours.
• Light forces trying their best to resolve the conflict in that area and overtime it will calm down.
• Israel is the centre of the old Atlantis goddess energy.
• It’s an ancient war between the civilizations in the last 12000 years.
• It’s time to bring goddess energy on the surface.


• Dark forces creating another level of control i.e., digital cash (CBDC). This CBDC can be traced and controlled any time.
• This will create a dependency on cell phone to an extreme level. Your digital identity biomatrix, cell phone and banking will be linked; hence there will be no privacy.
• The cell phone is spying on every individual even if it is switched off.
• People think bitcoin is safe. But all bitcoin transactions are not anonymous or safe especially on Windows based computer except quantum encrypted network. But no one on planet surface has excess to this advanced technology.
• Hackers from resistance movement have already prepared such tools to take over the system.
• Dark forces use human society as heat pump (Entropy) to enrich themselves, on the expense of humanity.
• But light forces have different mode of operation here:

  1. There will be collateral accounts and gold storage.
  2. Surface population will have no access to Bank for two weeks.
  3. Once the system gets online then old bank accounts will get reinstated.
  4. Banking system will have quantum computing.

• BEFORE the event the abundance can only achieved by means of manifestation.
• Dark uses physics in a negative way to control the financial system.
• Dark harness the energy from human to control them.
• As there will be more inequality that will give rise to more suppression of kundalini; therefore, that will result in more Chaos.
• Many opportunities are missed due to internal mess between dragon family and white hat community.
• So whole process is to bring the abundance; who stops this process will be removed by the light.


• As per the current update, Saint Germain became the chief commander who is looking over the liberation process of Earth.
• He has created the collateral accounts over the centuries and saved enough abundance for humanity.
• Cabal can intercept and confiscate if these funds are released before the event hence, we only use our manifestation skills to bring abundance.
• We are living in a Universe where spiritual as well as physical abundance is present for everyone.


• The moment of NOW is the power that you can change anything. Dark forces can’t hijack your power of manifestation, because it comes from our “I AM PRESENCE”. It is the doorway which we manifest, the energy comes from spirit to the matter. Everything we say or feel creates a ripple in the quantum field.
• Most people have confused thought patterns; hence they create chaotic quantum field around them = zero/negative manifestation.
• If we have clear thoughts, it can create quantum field = manifestation complete.
• Clear Intention + Taking Proper Action = Magic
• So here we have to follow 3 major steps;

  1. Our clear intention (DECISION) = Energizing Mental Plane
  2. ADVOCATE the plan = Energizing Emotional Plane
  3. ACTION = Energizing the Physical Plane

• We need to understand manifest the bigger things take time. We need to repeat the task or visualization until it’s done.
• Examples:
Manifesting conference like this takes months
To control humanity by establishing the global banking system, took centuries for Rothschild.


• The base for doing this is to “SAY NO” Or having a clear decision “not to tolerate”.
• It has the same mode we follow for Manifestation = Visualising + Physical Action will de-manifest the contract.
• If we have a situation that is not resolved yet, it has its influence in our quantum field.
• Attachment is the energetic code which connects us to the situation.

• This will help us to resolve any negative situation once the contract becomes void. Hence, we do this repetitively. “I will let go…” is the process for release of all attachments for any situation.
• So, we have to focus on a small part of any situation, then doing it one by one will resolve everything.


• A Galactic wave of divine light is approaching us and we must connect with our “I Am Presence”. A huge wave from Galactic core is coming which will transform the energetics of all reality.
• For us, it’s Time to connect with Galactic energy. It will smoothen out transformation process.
• Use meditation image
• This meditation will help us to connect to our higher self.


• Our soul star chakra relates to our soul, our I AM presence; we will do a meditation to connect to that presence.

  • Close your eyes, watch your breath coming in and out.
  • Put your awareness in the middle of your chest
  • From heart chakra, call upon the presence of Soul, sing “OM”
  • Shift Consciousness to the Soul Star Chakra, visualizing Higher-Self responding,sing “OM”
  • Put awareness back to your heart, and Higher-Self sending signal to Soul,sing “OM”
  • Higher-Self responds, Shifting Consciousness back to the Soul Star Chakra, sing “OM”
  • From heart chakra, call upon the presence of Soul, sing “OM”
  • Shift Consciousness to the Soul Star Chakra, visualizing Higher-Self responding, sing “OM”
  • Put awareness back to your heart, and Higher-Self sending signal to Soul, sing “OM”
  • Higher-Self responds, Shifting Consciousness back to the Soul Star Chakra, sing “OM”
  • I and My Soul are merging into ONE, becoming I AM THE SOUL, confirm this by singing mantra “OM” 3 times
  • Stay in the silence, as the soul we are present in the silence
  • Slowly come back to your body, feel your surroundings, come back to now.

• You can practice this meditation when you want to connect to your higher self, it is very subtle, high frequency, your connection with your higher self will give you guidance in each situation.


• This will bring a drastic spiritual transformation which will lead the humanity towards awakening. Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn was the point where the awakening process has started (COVID).
• A revolutionary shift in consciousness is going to happen during the time when Pluto in Aquarius.
• Humanity will understand it’s place and role in whole universe.
• This will bring the knowledge and skill about advance space technology.
• During January-September 2024, a rapid phase of transition will start. From November 2024, humanity will be accepted as a permanent member in galactic confederation in coming 20 years.


• This is an Ascension protocol has been developed by the light forces this year where ATVOR and Mjolnir technology have been merged together. This is much more advanced technology so far which will help entire humanity and planet. When we activate that light inside, light forces will use Mjolnir to remove quantum and sub-quantum anomaly. This technology is slowly increasing its capacity but will get intensified from next year. Using ATVOR technology at 100% we can teleport anywhere. It will be used to evacuate humanity during polar shift.
• Another important aspect of it is to activate our light body. After Ascension, we will be traveling with our light body as a spaceship. This technology also creates a protective shield by raising one’ vibrational frequency. This will bring an advanced manifestation process for light body. Our heart chakra is the centre of the resonance field just as quantum fluctuation resonator (toroid field). In another term the heart chakra is the central Stargate for human. Human heart chakra creates a unique harmonic field by combining kundalini energy and manifestation power.
• Our light body is connected with the mothership of Ashtar command, the ATVOR technology is from group toroid field of the being of Ashtar command creating the mothership, that mothership create a pillar of light with high frequency that can lift humanity.
• After ascension humanity will be trained to travel dimensions and have powerful manifestation.
• NOW we will have a powerful “I am Presence” meditation which will remove the quantum and sub-quantum anomaly.


Repeat 3 times:
“I Call Upon the Pillar of Brilliant White Light, To Descend Upon Me and To surround Me.
I Call Upon the Presence of my I AM THAT I AM.
I Ask my I AM THAT I AM Presence, To Join and Merge with Me”

• Now visualize a pillar of blue light emanating from the sky from the mothership, breath in this presence of the mothership into your heart and call Ashtar Command silently in your heart, and when you breath out send that energy from your heart to the mothership, just keep breathing like that.
• Slowly you are becoming aware of your physical body, the floor under you, you are here and now, and when ready, you can open your eyes.


Repeat 3 times: “May A Bubble of Light Surround Me; May Its Light Shield and Protect Me from All Negative Energy and So It Is”
• Visualise sky blue coloured light bubble around you and feel you are safe and protected within it.
• This meditation will activate the ATVOR and Mjolnir together; will begin to clear the quantum and sub-quantum anomaly. We can practice this many times in a day.


• Approximately 5000 years ago, the archons invaded and destroyed the goddess energy centres. In 1996 the archons invaded for the 3rd time and did the same.
• On 3rd April 2004, many groups started anchoring and invoking this goddess energy. Goddess energy is a powerful energy which brings meaning to life. Everything is so cruel and imbalance right now. The archon invasion has created an ugly architecture around the world. Hence, we must reject the negative contract with archons and bring back the beauty of Earth.
• Goddess energy will dissolve all remaining anomaly and will activate the old equatorial line.


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