Cobra Ascension Conference Day 1 notes – Chiang Mai, Thailand


• Some graphs & pictures displayed here, may differ than the conference
• The writings may slightly differ what cobra said; due to mishearing, typos in handwriting, (or) omissions could occur during the process. As the writing & presenting the data is solely personal interpretation.
• We are not going to consider inquiries about the contents of this paper.
Gaurhari Sahu and Nidhi



• We are going through last cycle of incarnation that means all the incarnation we have gone through as a human was just training and this is end of that cycle. And we have been severely tested till this point and breakthrough coming in. This is the end of quarantine of this world and this has needed enormous energy, extremely advanced skills and dedication during the 26000 years. It has been so long yet a challenging but a useful moment in this lifetime. Past life experiences are helpful now to break the programming that humanity had gone through.
• Humanity is deep down into belief systems which are nothing but a false reality.
• These two pillars created a human psychology “to follow” or “to be liked by others”.
• Whoever questioned the system, they have ascended through divine process in previous timeline.


• The elephant represents overall situation but people have their own interpretation. As you can see all of them are correct but revealing a partial truth.

• We are just living in this small point in a vast galaxy. Everything that you can see through naked eye, all the stars in the sky are just in tiny yellow circle. At the nighttime you can see whole galaxy as sparkling cloud.


• This photo was taken while flying in near space (stratosphere) on military air craft. Beyond the veil, the energy is so beautiful and expandable. This concludes the discussion that earth is not flat but a sphere. This experience gave me a deep understanding what is really going on the surface of the planet. Now the moment has come for breaking the prison.


• Restructuring of universe is going on which will rearrange the condition of life on this planet. A new cosmic cycle will begin.

• This is the real shape of our universe. Now the universe is at a point to begin its contraction, as maximum expansion has been done so far. This will lead to the evolution of our universe where/when the source energy will come to restructure it.


• Our universe is at a metastable state as this false vacuum collapses; this will lead to removal of all darkness at Quantum level and past remanence of last cosmic cycle.

• This will bring the birth of a new universe.

• As you can see this is our universe right now. The moment the expansion stops, drastic changes will occur. This symbolic graph shows that our universe is now transforming.


• This will lead to a true vacuum state which will push whole universe into a new evolutionary state. The quarantine was roughly estimated to the year 2012. On 21stAugust 1999 (solar eclipse) was a key point which triggered to resolve this darkness. This stated an extremely drastic purification process. Now the time has come, we are quite close to breakthrough. Advanced civilization also taking part whose focal point is earth. In the year 1996 the dark has chosen earth to open dark portals from Orion to here. They have sacrificed the Orion which was their home and made earth their new home. Light forces have many responsibilities out of which, activation of secret codes is very important.
• In our solar system planet Earth situated at most important part (focal point): As a Stargate
• A Stargate is cross way of plasma particle which control around the Galactic traffic. Our earth is at a most priced place. Many races have many agenda on this planet. For final liberation, special stones with special codes to be activated on right time.


• It belongs to Sirius star system which holds/transmit Sirius’s energy. Event will trigger the planetary grid of light. This planetary grid of light is comprised of planted Cintamani around the world, which will anchor the light. The codename is New Atlantis.
• This code will lead to the liberation and Ascension of the planet.
• The leading Grid work among country or continents have been done so far: Japan- Taiwan -China Europe – remaining ones.
• This creates a strong network of light which will protect from everything.
• But these are not activated yet; when conditions are proper, these will get activated by ATVOR technology.
• Sirians are getting ready to send that light.


• It holds the energy from Galactic central sun.
• It has too strong energy and an important role in the coming event.
• Incoming Galactic energy from this will stabilize and smoothen the pole shift.
• The old equatorial line shows the last pole shift ley line. The continents now on this ley line in the world map holds the goddess energy.

• As the Galactic central sun will send the goddess energy that will stabilize the transition.
• Galactic central races named IONA who are known as The Builder Race; they brought the light through this.


• This stone is from Pleiadian Delta Forces.


• It is discovered in a special zone of Tibet (A Classified Location).
• These special Tektites are more to be discovered.


• The rearrangement of light forces carried out in recent time. Many light workers who become fallen, are being removed/released from their responsibility due to their deep interest in Matrix agenda (80% have already left mother earth).
• Now planet Earth became a special war zone.
• Some 1221(delta forces) team are having war trauma.
• Some are assisting in tachyon chamber.
• Some are assisting in war zone (military operations).
• Remaining Light workers on earth are less but are efficient ones.


• This code activated. This opened a sacred doorway from duality to oneness. Hence the day was chosen for the conference.


• This chamber originates the energy from Galactic central sun. Tachyons are sub atomic particles which move faster than the light.
• It was 1st intercepted in earth’s ionosphere.
• This holds the cosmic cycle energy which can trigger a quantum leap.


• This event was partially explained as Galactic superwave previously.
• The heart of the galaxy is quite similar to human heart. The Galactic pulse is an impulse of energy from Galactic central sun, which triggers polar shift about every three years. That affect the dynamics of the planets and the magnetic polarity of whole galaxy. When this wave of energy hits the sun, the sun becomes Micronova.
• This sends a huge energy wave/particle which strongly impact to all planets. This will change the energetics/the geometry of the galaxy and will lead to a cosmic cycle ending.


• Every 13000 years there is an alignment in the galaxy. In past 26000 years galaxy has been aligned two times. Largest fauna disappearance & displacement noted.
• The Gothenburg Magnetic Excursion (12,400−12,350 yrs)
• Beijing, China (15,000 yrs)
• hilina pali (17-18,000 yrs)
• Lake Mungo (Asia & Europe, 30780-28140 yrs)
• Mono Lake (1000 yrs)

• The timelines we have seen in a tabular form are showing, the magnetic excursion during that. These created a huge mass extinction event like Gothenburg (12k yrs. ago) due to this solar Micronova.


• At the moment of solar Micronova our Galactic central sun will send an impulse of energy that will change the magnetic polarity/field of Sun. Every 11 yrs our sun’s magnetic field changes, so our planet too.

• We can see the north pole towards Asia; hence Asia will have an important role in the coming event.


• In the Year 1859 Carrington effect with X30 solar flash.
• Most weakening point in the magnetic field will be the point where physical pole shift will occur, during which the magnetic field of the planet will be almost zero. There is certain area between earth’s mantle and its crust called Mohorovicic discontinuity.
• This is the point where moment of inertia will be created that will lead to a mega tsunami. This phenomenon will washout all the dry area / terrestrial area of the planet.
• Till date, planet Earth lost its 25% of its magnetic strength and each year it’s losing 1 to 2% and this lose rate is increasing day by day.
• As per my(cobra) educated guess, the event will not be triggered before 2024. I repeat it is my educated guess.
• The solar maxima come every 11 years. Charlemagne event in 776 A.D with X40 solar flash that was the time when the solar maxima occurred.

• In current solar cycle, a new solar-maxima are approaching where 50 -50 chance of Polar Shift during next year.

• We are expecting a peak in 2025 for this solar cycle. There will be 3 solar maxima coming during the year of 2025, 2030 and 2036.
• The collapse in earth’s magnetic field will lead to many natural calamities. But these events will be happening much sooner than that.
• Light forces will try to avoid this polar shift happening sooner.

• The peak point (critical heat flux) will be the craziest moment due to suppressed darkness release. All the cabal leaders will be removed much sooner (year 2024-2025). Most probably before the end of the year 2024. The process began in 2019 and will be carried out in 6 phases which will be solely dependent on freewill of key light workers, dark and the light. All the believes will be broken down hence psychologically it will be drastic situation for everyone.
• It is the process/moment, light forces are fighting to clear out the dark, humans will be healed and prepare everyone for superwave. Hence, we see there will be a process of healing before the flash.
• Dark will no longer be here anymore. The problem here is 400 million psychopaths on earth currently; amongst certain percentage are dangerous. Most of them will be retrieved. This will trigger a new society formation in gradually year by year and removal of dark completely.
• In the fifth phase, new healing methods, transitional financial system and planetary network of light (Island) will be established.
• As per the current update, Pleiadians will have less involvement in liberation process. They have retreated from this process and are no longer there in first contact.
• Another race is coming in forefront for this and I (cobra) will write in my blog (2012 portal) soon.
• Big tsunamis will wash all the anomalies of this planet.
• After this Network of island of light will be created on earth.


• This is a protective field created by light forces, both around the earth and the sun. That protect us against excessive energy coming from Galactic central sun by reducing its level according to our capabilities.


• We can see old Atlantic equator line before the last polar shift passing through Lebanon.

• In Lebanon, Baalbek is the place where a strong goddess energy is situated. There were many goddess temples. The human race today does not have technology to build those structures; those were built by Atlantis then. Similar temple ruins found in Paris, Stonehenge, New York, Mexico. Especial kind of microtektite found in this YDB line which is 13000 years old.


• Astrology is not a pseudoscience; it comprises the sacred geometric positions of all 12 zodiac signs in the scalar field and their energetics for the events.
• The major point here we discuss is the entry of Pluto in Aquarius.
• Pluto in Aquarius is the most important phenomenon to be understood. Most experts have been misunderstanding or spreading misinformation about this, as the beginning of an AI era but it is not. In real this is the point where humanity will make their first contact.
• On 23 Rd March 2023, Pluto entered Aquarius for the first time.
• In June 2023, Grush (an USA veteran) did a disclosure about USA officials having crashed UFO vehicles, ET bodies (both dead and alive).
• From June to 10th October 2023, Pluto was in retrograde and nothing significant happened.
• From there, Pluto starts the forward moment and Gaza war began. This is the first physical intervention from light forces when abducted children were rescued from black nobility properties. To hide this, they started the war in Gaza.
• But this will bring a very intensive change to the world and clearance of black nobility will be done.
• From 20th January 2024 the Pluto will return to Aquarius and remain till September 2024. This will be a very intensive time period where some key divine plan will be implemented. Chances of first contact and many surprises too.
• From September to October 2024, the Pluto will be again retrograde. This will bring a cleansing process to existing financial system and global politics.
• From November 2024, Pluto will be in direct phase. This will be intensive time period when the quarantine of this planet will get dissolved. Normal people/mass will go through awakening process. We will see a financial instability or in other words the collapse of current financial system.
• There will be no success in CBDC system for example this was failed recently in Nigeria. This incident will help many other countries to do so.
• Dark became highly dangerous and furious now as they are in damn panic mode.
• As energy from Galactic central sun is excessive, the purification process is more intensive. As a consequence, what took 100s of years to change will crash in short time span. For example, fall of western civilization.

• Year 2025 will be final window of spiritual awakening (as per finger of tort).

New Spiritual Age

• A new Spiritual Age will begin when Neptune – Sedna – Uranus trine will be formed. Trine will bring merger of spirituality and technology. Sedna in Gemini (situated at Kuiper belt – the outer layer of our solar system) will be responsible for the activation of Pleiades energy.

• This Trine will bring harmony and huge transformation in the year 2025. This is a most energetic pattern we are seeing in this graph as this period will have a great potential as well as a challenging time for the planet and humanity.
• There will be more support coming from light. Uranus-Neptune-Pluto during 2024 to 2025 will create major shift in perception. COVID was created intentionally in 2019 to delay the collapse of financial system by the dark. But this time 2024 to 2025, there will be no corner for them.

Sirius Star System

• Sirius Star System is a rare star system which is immensely protective (never invaded) against dark. When there is maximum distance between Sirius A and Sirius B, a new cosmic cycle starts; that sends more-light.
• This will activate all Cintamani during the year 2024-25. Now is the time for preparation. During the years 1992-2011, the doorway to incoming duality was closed. We are about to experience the opening of a major energetic portal (2025). More information about this will be published in blog.
• On next 11:11, something big is about to happen.


• Present Update: We must be thinking why is it getting late?
• This stronghold named quarantine was created 26000 years ago.
• This comprises EMF and Scalar field which control all the energetics in and around the planet.
• Dark did a complete shutdown of multidimensional portals so there is no transport.
• There is no ET contact or the contact has been reduced drastically. There is no physical contact indeed.
• Dark forces strengthened this quarantine in 1996.
• In last 5000 years there is less ET contact only through Experiences, visions and spiritual guidances.
• At present most of the controlling grid has been removed but they all are above the physical plane.
• All underground and outside physical solar plane are cleared.
• Black nobility and sub quantum anomaly are the most important concern now.
• 26000 years ago, Chimera had given mandate to the black nobility to control and manage this planet. Since, Chimera been already removed presently the black nobility is the one stopping planetary liberation process as well as sub-quantum anomaly (lurker).
• Modern physics thinks the random fluctuations in quantum field come from nowhere and nothing smaller than plank length exist. Actually,these fluctuations emerge from sub quantum space outside the space-time and distorted space-time.


• The Lurker / primary anomaly is an entity created in the beginning of time (beyond time), the moment when the source began to realise that the primary anomaly exists.
• The source decided to project a part of itself in to it to understand it. This was the moment when duality was created (separation from source) or (dark vs light duality).
• Source projected this individuality in to different creations, difference in space- time and some individual who decided to get in to sub quantum level; they became the anomaly or the lurker.
• In 1996 the lurker showed up and the dark forces used it to it’s full extent.
• As per the current update, the primary lurker (anomaly) is remaining who is the primary source of duality.

• This primary lurker uses quantum anomaly to influence the whole universe.
• According to Murphy’s law, this lurker uses quantum field to distort and divert the timeline in to a negative through quantum entanglement with all levels of universe.

• Lurker is the primary evil for this quantum entanglement of the emotional body.
• Most mental confusion, negative experiences, negative events, negative emotions are being engineered by the lurker.
• On the surface of the planet, the influence of lurker is stronger and it mainly delaying the event.
• For example, light forces rescued the abducted children from black nobility castle and sooner this war in Gaza started. Because lurker manipulate people to make that decision.
• Event can only happen when these influences of lurker are mostly removed, otherwise people will freak out when event takes place and it will cause big Chaos.
• Before taking any physical action, light forces waiting for right moment for the event.
• Gaza is a mess and the war is a mass sacrifice of children.
• Light workers are not having such coordination at this moment to avoid such mess.
• Light forces cannot contact Light workers because dark forces can retaliate (light forces helping one, can be responsible for killing of 10 light workers hence energetically not in our favour yet).
• This is why organizing mass meditation, creating tachyon chambers, Cintamani burying process, formation of goddess temples and sisterhood of roses is recommended.


• Bombardment of Quantum cannon dissolving sub quantum anomaly but are only working at 7% of their full capacity. This technology has been upgraded from 5 to 20% presently. This process will be accelerated soon. That’s why we have tachyon chambers, Chintamani, sisterhood of roses etc, in order to stabilize the grid. This is the project of Saint Germain.
• The more stable the grid, the better for everyone. Light forces use the Mjolnir technology to dissolve the sub-quantum anomaly; every second the lurker is losingits power. Very shortly, the source will do direct intervention, so the lurker will be absorbed back to the source. This will be the end of the duality. The darkness will disappear forever. When that takes place, COBRA will pause his blog; we will be at final stage of going home (audience applause).
• The conjunction between Uranus- Neptune – Pluto, will dissolve this lurker.


• This is Scalar magnetic field which connects earth to human brain (vice versa). Very intense field having many layers (infrared, EMF, ultrasound and ELFs) that spread all over the planet.
• HARP stations produce ELFs that prevent tachyon particles to reach the surface of Earth and keeping the whole planet in low vibration. Airforce command base and their tracking system are using satellites to monitor the real time movement.
• Signal tracked by satellites > super-computer >cell phone tower > create Microwave pulses > to human brain and signal back to computer.
• Resistance movement started dismantlingthese negative technologies a few weeks ago. In recent times, many negative thoughts are being sent from cell phone towers to human brain; that leads to brain damage.

• Individuals are being targeted by using scalar networks, physical harassment, legal harassment and medical harassment that may cause death too. As many light workers were targeted the same way, resistance movement has begun to dismantling it. These targeting agenda will be stopped from next year onwards. There is no communication between biochips, but it can only be removed through surgery or advanced technology. Currently the programming of biochip is getting removed. The list of dark forces is getting shorter and shorter hence fewer light workers are being attacked although getting strongly targeted.

• Lurker sends frequency to remaining implants and biochips to influence and weaken the vibrational frequency of human brain. Therefore, many individuals and light workers experiencing headache now a days.
• Resistance movement doing every possible step to remove that. Ascension is the only solution to be free from the sub-quantum anomaly.


• The transition of planet Earth from 3D to 5D is still in physical matter but supported by high vibrational energy (on higher energetic plane). All beings on the planet will have to be connected to their higher self. Any being who don’t want to connect or not focused on this process will face disintegration from their evolution. Eventually, they will be taken to central sun to end their cycle.


• We are moving towards a convergence point i.e., a Singularity.
• But this is the point where duality ends.
• At the beginning of the final phase, the source will directly intervene with this sector of the universe.
• This is the goal since Big Bang and the moment is now, everything will converge into now.
• The lurker or anomaly will merge into source and there will be no duality.
• This is an evolutionary shift where entire galaxy > solar system > planet > every being will see an energetic shift.
• This is the theoretical part for the end of quarantine> end of matrix. We shall see a new sunrise.


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